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Helping Hands are always here to offer support for residents in our Parish.  At the current time we are concentrating on supporting residents in Robertsbridge & Salehurst during the Coronavirus pandemic.


A lot of work is being done within the village to set up systems to support each other in this unprecedented and difficult time. Our Helping Hands group is leading, in partnership with the Parish Council,  Darvell and others in getting a network of support set up for practical help such as shopping, collecting essentials etc. A huge number of local people have volunteered to help. The Parish Council has allocated funds to support this.


The Darvell Community have generously printed our first circulars as well as folded and bundled them ready for delivery. Every household should now have received this circular giving important local information and advising how to access help and support locally if/when needed. 

Latest Local and National Information and Support
Robertsbridge and Salehurst Helping Hands is a local charity organised and run by volunteers - 07726 592739
Local Coronavirus Circular
"Hello! I Can Help" Card

You should also have delivered to your home a card giving the name and contact details of the volunteer in your area you can contact for help. We have called these volunteers "Street Champions". They have clear instructions not to enter anyone’s home, never to accept bank cards and respect the two-metre distancing rule. They also can pass on any tasks to Helping Hands if they can’t manage them.


NOTE: Some of the outlying areas of the parish will be supported directly through the Helping Hands phone number (not a Street Champion).

07726 592739